Library Card Sign up

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. During this month, we encourage you to visit the library either in-person or virtually through our website, Your library card has powers like no other card in your wallet. You can get help with your homework, read journal articles, and get an e-book, e-audiobook, or song online. In person, you can check out DVDs, books, music CDs, and magazines for the entire family. Attend a program, read a book, learn a language online. The possibilities are endless at the Palm Springs Public Library!

In conjunction with Library Card Sign-up Month, we are offering Fine Forgiveness Month. During September, if you have old overdue charges on your account, we will waive up to $50. Fees for lost or damaged items are not applicable, overdue charges accrued in September 2013 are also not applicable. If you have had difficulty with your account in the past, we want to welcome you back with a clean slate. You must come to the library to request a waiver. Others cannot request a waiver for you and you cannot request a waiver over the phone. Come into the library; rediscover the great place that is the Palm Springs Public Library.

Jeannie Kays
Director of Library Services

Library card sign up image Luol Deng


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