The Library Goes High-Tech, A Ribbon-Cutting to Celebrate!

The Palm Springs Public Library has a new Automated Materials Handling System! This system will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting on Wednesday, January 16th at 3:00 p.m. presented by the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce. Mayor Pougnet, City Council Members Chris Mills, Paul Lewin, and Ginny Foat as well as Library Board President David Gray and Trustees Lynne Bushore, Linda Futterer and Ron Willison will do the honors along with Jeannie Kays, the Director of Library Services, and City staff.

The new automated materials handling system allows items to be checked in immediately upon return and then automatically sorts the items into appropriate bins for shelving. With over 367,000 items checked out in the last fiscal year, this will make a major impact on service at the Library. “The Library Board of Trustees saw that making a commitment to this type of advanced technology was a leap forward and will assist both the staff and the public now, and in years to come,” said David Gray, President of the Library Board of Trustees.”

Faster time from check-in to availability on the shelf and easier check-outs is a win-win for both the public and the library staff!  “This new system makes checking items in and out of the library more efficient for users and staff”, said Jeannie Kays, Director of Library Services. “The Library is grateful that the Trust Fund/Endowment can support capital improvements at the Palm Springs Public Library.


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