Nature Lecture: The Lizard that Changed the Future of the Coachella Valley

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. the Palm Springs Public Library, in partnership with the Desert Institute at Joshua Tree National Park, will present Cameron Barrows as he discusses “The Lizard that Changed the Future of the Coachella Valley”.

 Once commonly referred to as “that damn lizard”, the Coachella Valley fringe toed lizard occurs nowhere else in the world, thriving in what was once over 100 square miles of sand dunes on our valley floor. Folks concerned that we were on a fast path to becoming indistinguishable from Los Angeles or Phoenix’s sprawling metropolis rallied around this little lizard. The result was a game-changing approach to how we do conservation in California and our nation – protecting species from extinction while respecting property rights and the economic prosperity of this region.

 Cameron Barrows, Ph.D., is currently an Assistant Research Ecologist coordinating desert research initiatives for the University of California, Riverside’s Center for Conservation Biology. The focus of the research ranges from the sensitivity of desert plants and animals to predicted levels of climate change, the influence of suburban-natural area interfaces, minimum habitat sizes for population persistence along precipitation gradients, the influence of exotic species on natural community composition, drivers of population dynamics, and modeling current and historic species distributions to objectively measure habitat loss.

The event is FREE and open to the public, but seating is limited. The lecture will be presented in The Learning Center at the Library. 


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