September is Library Card Sign-Up & Fine Forgiveness Month at the Palm Springs Public Library.

September is Library Card Sign-Up month at the Palm Springs Public Library. A Library Card gives you access to thousands of books, DVDs, CDs, Audio books, downloadable audiobooks, computerized newspapers and magazines, programs, services and more!  And during these economically challenging times having a Library Card can provide you with many savings for your wallet.

By getting a FREE Palm Springs Library Card you can go green AND save money by borrowing! When you total the cost of the latest best seller or CD + the cost of a DVD rental + a magazine subscription + a computer with internet service what do you get—an empty wallet!  But your wallet won’t be empty if you have a Palm Springs Library card.  All these things are available to you at the Library for FREE!

And if you come into the Library during the month of September and sign-up for a Library Card for the first-time, you will receive a reusable eco-friendly Library bag to make it easier to carry all your items home; one per household while supplies last.

Already have a Library Card but have a few overdue fines?  Well don’t despair, September is your lucky month too!  September is also Fine Forgiveness month at the Palm Springs Public Library; up to $50 (if not in collection process).  So just bring in the overdue materials, clear your account and re-activate your card!  Rediscover the Library!


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