The Palm Springs Public Library donates approximately 1000 pounds of non-perishable food to two local food banks.

img_fooddonations1The food drive began as part of the Library’s celebration of National Library Week in mid April and continued through the end of the month, as the Palm Springs Public Library offered fine forgiveness to all users in exchange for nonperishable food items.   Anyone with a fine of $50 of less (not already in collections) could bring in a food donation and have their fines forgiven.  “What was amazing, said Joy Hastings the Circulation Manager, was not only the people bringing in food donations for fines but those who brought in donations who didn’t have any fines and just wanted to donate”.

The Library amassed approximately 1000 pounds of non-perishable food donations including canned goods, pasta, instant soups, juice and water.  These items will all be donated to two local food banks; the Golden Rainbow Senior Center in Palm Springs and Bridges of Hope in Cathedral City.  The Golden Rainbow Senior Center provides many services to LGBT seniors in Palm Springs; including providing food to seniors every Wednesday. According to Bridges of Hope in Cathedral City they provide food to approximately 2000 people each month as well as some after school programs and utility bill assistance. 

“Everyday, libraries in big cities and small towns, colleges and universities, in schools and in businesses help transform their communities in many different ways,” says Barbara Roberts, Director of Library Services, “this is just one example of how through  our library,  people have  come together to support our community”.


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