Do you have the ‘Smartest Card’—Get one during the month of September at the Palm Springs Library

What’s the smartest card in your wallet?  The Palm Springs Public Library Card!  September is Library Card sign-up month at the Palm Springs Public Library.  A Library Card gives you access to thousands of books, DVDs, CDs, Audio books, computerized newspapers and magazines, programs, services and more! 

Not only is that smart, but it’s also economical in these challenging economic times.  By getting a FREE Palm Springs Library Card you can save money by borrowing. When you total the cost of the latest best seller or CD + the cost of a DVD rental + a magazine subscription + a computer with internet service what do you get—an empty wallet!  But your wallet won’t be empty if you have a Palm Springs Library card.  All these things are available to you at the Library for FREE!

And if you come into the Library during the month of September and sign-up for a Library Card for the first-time, you will receive a new eco-friendly Library bag to make it easier to carry all your items home; one per household.

Already have a Library Card but have a few overdue fines?  Well don’t despair, September is your lucky month too!  September is also Fine Forgiveness month at the Palm Springs Library; up to $50 (if not in collection process).  So just bring in the overdue materials, clear your account and re-activate your card!  Rediscover the Library!

            September also signals the beginning of a new programming season at the Library.  Pick-up the 2008 Fall Programming brochure highlighting all the upcoming events at the Library; September through November. You can also access this information online on the Library’s web site.

So what’s stopping you?  Go to the Palm Springs Library in September and get your ‘smartest card’.


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