Palm Springs Re-Imagined to be on display at the Library

“Palm Springs Re-Imagined” an exhibition of visionary architectural renderings that was organized by the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation will be on display at the Palm Springs Public Library May 16th through Fri. May 30th.


 “PALM SPRINGS RE-IMAGINED,” which was debuted at the Palm Springs Art Museum during the recent Modernism Week, consists of more than a dozen renderings and drawings illustrating visionary concepts for “re-imagining” downtown Palm Springs by architects from within and outside the Valley.


Last year the Palm Springs Preservation Foundation published a call for submissions to architects, designers, urban planners and artists from around the country to request visionary and innovative concepts about how to reinvigorate the Palm Springs downtown visual landscape. The challenge was to create an inviting downtown streetscape while retaining the city’s rich historic and architectural heritage.


The purpose of the exercise was to inspire a creative exchange of ideas to “re-imagine” a new, energetic and engaging downtown Palm Springs. “The “PALM SPRINGS RE-IMAGINED” exhibition is the result of this creative endeavor.


The exhibition was on display during Modernism Week at the Museum for only a few hours but generated great interest by those who attended including Mayor Steve Pougnet, Councilman Chris Mills, Councilwoman Ginny Foat and other city representatives.


Due to the brief time the exhibition was on view, PSPF was encouraged to display “PALM SPRINGS RE-IMAGINED” again for another period of time. “We are pleased that the Palm Springs Public Library has generously agreed to host this exhibition. The general public will now have an opportunity to view the variety of ideas that were submitted and hopefully be inspired by the exciting possibilities,” said William Kopelk, PSPFchair.


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